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Video: Marble Drawer DIY

White Marble Made Easy

White Marble Home Decor

Image Sources—Candles: Nordic House, Clock: Society6, Bedspread: Adairs, Necklaces: Star Gaze Jewelry, Sink: The Decorista

White marble is one of the biggest trend of 2016, so we are thrilled to show you how to incorporate it into your own home with our White Marble Adhesive Film.

Whether you’re lining a drawer, making over a table, or covering a wooden box, this adhesive film makes it easy to get a luxe look on any surface.

This video tutorial shows how easy it is to line your drawers in minutes. The peel and stick design makes a drawer makeover simple and fast.

tape measure
white marble adhesive film

Step 1: Measure your drawer.
Step 2: Cut the adhesive film to the size of your drawer using the convenient grid print backing.
Step 3: Peel a few inches of the backing off and begin applying the film to the back of the drawer.
Step 4: Slowly remove the backing and smooth the film as you go. Use a plastic card or smoothing tool to push out any air bubbles.

Voila, you have a new, clean and stylish drawer!

Back of Marble Film  Peeling Marble Film

Marble Drawer Liner


Want a different style? Take a look at the whole line of Fablon marble adhesive films.