How To Apply Static Cling Window Film


Static cling window film is an easy way to update your windows, create privacy, or add a stylish touch to your home decor. Window film can give a fresh look and add a texture or pattern to your windows. Whether you want to create a frosted glass effect, stained glass look, or textured glass style, there’s a Fablon static cling window film for you!


1. After cleaning your window, wet the window with water using a spray bottle or damp cloth.


2. Cut your film to size. Peel off a corner of the backing and rub the film between your fingers to create a static charge. Begin applying the film to your wet window, slowly removing the backing as you move across the window.


3. Once the film is applied to the window, spray it again with water.


4. Use a squeegee to smooth the film down and remove any air bubbles.


5. If you have any excess film on the edges, remove it with a craft knife.

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