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Video: Laminate A Document

Transparent Film for Lamination

water resistant film

This Fablon Laminate Film is an easy way to laminate your documents, protecting them from wear and tear and water spills.

This film is easy and fast to use. Simply peel off the backing, place your document face down, and slowly smooth the other side of the film over.

Tip: Fold the film in half after you cut it, but before you remove the backing. This will help the film fold on the correct spot when its time to cover the other side.

protect your documents from water

This film is also great for DIY projects like homemade bookmarks, banners, and placemats:

Laminator Craft Iedas

Images via Pinterest

With laminate film, you can use these crafts over and over again, preserving your hard work for years to come.

Video: White Wood Bookshelf Makeover

Turn an old bookshelf into a modern decor piece!


If you have an old bookshelf in your home that is simply taking up space, why not make it into something you enjoy! You can redo your bookshelf in minutes with Fablon White Structure sticky back plastic.

1 Roll of Fablon White Structure Stick Back Plastic
Meter Stick
Smoothing Tool

This video shows how easy it is to apply the White Structure Sticky Back Plastic. Simply peel back a few inches of the backing and begin to apply it to whatever surface you’re working on, smoothing as you go. The white wood style is on trend and perfect for getting a new look without spending a ton of money on a new bookshelf.

book shelf styling bookshelf styling ideas

Tips for styling your bookshelf:

  • If you can, leave spaces for larger pieces like frames, vases, and baskets that balance the look of the shelves.
  • If you have a lot of books, try sorting them by color, making it a focal point of your decor rather than an afterthought.
  • If you don’t like the high contrast look of this project, you can try covering the entire shelf in the white paper for a sleek, modern look.