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Video: DIY Gold Desk Accessories

This week we’re sharing a fun video showing you how to turn your desk accessories from drab to fab using our Gold Adhesive Film!

We took a plain tape dispenser and pen and turned them into high shine accessories. Using our sticky back plastic makes it easy to cover the objects in minutes without any drying time.


1 Roll of Gold Adhesive Film
Craft Knife
Tape Dispenser


This tape dispenser looks like it’s made from solid gold!


This pen was so easy to cover and now it looks like a splurge purchase! You could cover hundreds with one roll of adhesive film.


Our NuWallpaper covered desk looks a little fancier with these sparkling accessories.

Lever File Makeover

Change your school folders and paperwork from boring to bright and fun with Fablon Red Stickyback Plastic. It’s easy to give your accessories a new look in minutes.

Simply peel off a few inches of the paper backing and stick the film to one edge of the lever folder, leaving a few inches of material on all sides. Then slowly remove the rest of the backing, smoothing as you go until the whole outside is covered.

The final step is to fold in the edges trim the excess. You may have to cut around the inner mechanisms before folding.

If red isn’t your style, there are plenty of other options from white marble to faux wood to crochet lace.

openbindersmall redbindersmall

Video: Marble Drawer DIY

White Marble Made Easy

White Marble Home Decor

Image Sources—Candles: Nordic House, Clock: Society6, Bedspread: Adairs, Necklaces: Star Gaze Jewelry, Sink: The Decorista

White marble is one of the biggest trend of 2016, so we are thrilled to show you how to incorporate it into your own home with our White Marble Adhesive Film.

Whether you’re lining a drawer, making over a table, or covering a wooden box, this adhesive film makes it easy to get a luxe look on any surface.

This video tutorial shows how easy it is to line your drawers in minutes. The peel and stick design makes a drawer makeover simple and fast.

tape measure
white marble adhesive film

Step 1: Measure your drawer.
Step 2: Cut the adhesive film to the size of your drawer using the convenient grid print backing.
Step 3: Peel a few inches of the backing off and begin applying the film to the back of the drawer.
Step 4: Slowly remove the backing and smooth the film as you go. Use a plastic card or smoothing tool to push out any air bubbles.

Voila, you have a new, clean and stylish drawer!

Back of Marble Film  Peeling Marble Film

Marble Drawer Liner


Want a different style? Take a look at the whole line of Fablon marble adhesive films.

Video: Laminate A Document

Transparent Film for Lamination

water resistant film

This Fablon Laminate Film is an easy way to laminate your documents, protecting them from wear and tear and water spills.

This film is easy and fast to use. Simply peel off the backing, place your document face down, and slowly smooth the other side of the film over.

Tip: Fold the film in half after you cut it, but before you remove the backing. This will help the film fold on the correct spot when its time to cover the other side.

protect your documents from water

This film is also great for DIY projects like homemade bookmarks, banners, and placemats:

Laminator Craft Iedas

Images via Pinterest

With laminate film, you can use these crafts over and over again, preserving your hard work for years to come.

Video: White Wood Bookshelf Makeover

Turn an old bookshelf into a modern decor piece!


If you have an old bookshelf in your home that is simply taking up space, why not make it into something you enjoy! You can redo your bookshelf in minutes with Fablon White Structure sticky back plastic.

1 Roll of Fablon White Structure Stick Back Plastic
Meter Stick
Smoothing Tool

This video shows how easy it is to apply the White Structure Sticky Back Plastic. Simply peel back a few inches of the backing and begin to apply it to whatever surface you’re working on, smoothing as you go. The white wood style is on trend and perfect for getting a new look without spending a ton of money on a new bookshelf.

book shelf styling bookshelf styling ideas

Tips for styling your bookshelf:

  • If you can, leave spaces for larger pieces like frames, vases, and baskets that balance the look of the shelves.
  • If you have a lot of books, try sorting them by color, making it a focal point of your decor rather than an afterthought.
  • If you don’t like the high contrast look of this project, you can try covering the entire shelf in the white paper for a sleek, modern look.
White Marble Tabletop DIY

Video: DIY Marble Table Top

The table top you’ve always wanted.


White marble is one of the hottest design trends of the last year. If investing in a solid slab isn’t in your future, try out this super easy DIY.

With Fablon White Marble Adhesive Film, you can get the look you want in minutes! Simply peel off the backing and apply the film to whatever surface you’re looking to transform into a marble masterpiece. Use a smoothing tool to get out any air bubbles and no one will be the wiser.

Cover the edges of your surface for an even more realistic appearance.


DIY Marble Table DIY_Marble_Table

Want a different style? Take a look at the whole line of Fablon marble adhesive films.

Video: Bookcase Makeover

Truly Style Your Shelves

Do you have a bookcase or shelf in need of a makeover? Get the look of white wood with this Fablon Adhesive Film. Update any surface in seconds with this simple film. The white color will brighten up dark pieces and add light to a room.

DIY White Wood Shelf styling a shelf style a shelf

Style your shelves with baskets, old books, frames, and vases, or anything else that matches your personal style.
If you’re looking for other styles, check out the whole line of Fablon adhesive films.

Rustic Inspired Stools

Weathered, Natural, Timeless…


A trend we’ve loved lately is the rustic décor trend, where distressed wood and vintage details are mixed elegantly throughout your home for an area that’s not only natural but both warm and inviting. Looking for a way to incorporate this into our own space, we decided to refresh some wooden stools to give them a worn finish that had a fresh, beachy chic vibe.


One of our favorite Fablon designs; we were excited to finally use the Scrapwood Peel and Stick Liner! A beautifully weathered print, this sticky back plastic was able to give the stools an antique look that was both rustic and timeless.


We first covered the tops of the stools, removing any excess film with a craft knife as we went. After the tops, we continued to install the sticky back plastic on each of the four sides, making eight sides total between the two stools.


So easy, this simple décor upgrade changed the look of the adjoining bar top, bringing a cottage inspired look to our kitchen with a beautiful organic air.


Redesigning with Fablon: A Beautiful Bookshelf Interior

A Simple Way to Refurbish Your Furniture!


Create a lovely room statement with this vintage inspired décor project that uses a variety of Fablon products. By mixing and matching prints, we made over a simple wooden bookcase and transformed it into a stylish new accessory.

Project Tools:

Heritage Silver Liner

Classic Ornament Black Liner

Cirrus Liner

Oriental Blossom Liner

Craft Knife




Step 1: Measure the height and width of each individual shelf

Step 2: Cut out each liner to your shelf’s dimensions (adding ½” or so to your overall dimensions in case of any mistakes)

Step 3: Install each liner while paying special attention to air bubbles (a credit card or smoothing tool will help to erase any that occur!)

Step 4: Remove any excess material with a craft knife


Not just for bookshelves, sticky back plastic can be used to refresh the look of an array of different surfaces such as coffee tables, dressers, cabinets, night stands and more. Take a more modern approach with a contemporary design or stay basic with a solid color, either way you have a beautiful new piece of furniture to enjoy.


A Vintage Laptop Cover

Give Your Computer a Designer Upgrade!


Use your laptop as an accessory by covering it in your favorite Fablon print! This easy craft idea helps you transform the plain exterior of your computer by giving it a beautiful designer upgrade. Choose between animal prints and patchworks, pretty stencil designs and lovely damasks.


The only tools you need are your laptop, the sticky back plastic of your choice and a craft knife! We suggest first positioning the liner the way you would like it to appear on your computer. Some designs like the Scrapbook liner we used for this project have varying patterns throughout, so we placed it to display certain details we liked such as the quote “Look on the Bright Side of Life”.


Once you’ve properly applied your sticky back plastic, the next step is to carefully trace the outline of your laptop with a craft knife. Pay special attention to the round corners, as it is easy to slip and make a mistake. Once you’ve finished the front of your computer, flip it around to install the back.


We chose two different designs because we liked the vintage look of pairing two complimentary patterns together; however one roll of sticky back plastic can easily cover both the front and back!